Our little guy turned one last week and it was a day (or week!) full of emotions. I was so happy to see how much he has grown, learned and accomplished in his 365 days, but I was a little sad as I realized that he isn’t my little baby anymore. I am lucky if I can get him to stop for a two second cuddle these days. I feel like I didn’t cherish those days enough, I see now why people keep having kids! It’s to bring back that newborn stage! Sure, you function on maybe two hours of sleep a day but think about all that newborn goodness! The smell, all of the warm cuddles and cute little baby smiles. That must be what heaven feels like!

I found myself reminiscing where I was at particular times the year before. It’s safe to say I didn’t have the easiest last few weeks of pregnancy or the fastest delivery ever. I guess I have a good story to tell, but that’s for another post. And in the end I got the greatest gift of all so it was all worth it. Right?!

I had so much fun planning his “where the wild things are” themed party. From the black and white striped teepee to the s’more pop marshmallows to the little goodie bag cookies that detailed the famous line “I’ll eat you up I love you so” from the story. The easiest way to make your party memorable and cohesive is picking a theme.  And then most importantly sticking to it. Whether the theme is something simple, like a colour theme, or more detailed, like a story book, just stick to it and your party can look incredible and have people talking.


I’m not much of a baker but I attempted to make my own smash cake for Parker, let’s just say it didn’t look the cutest but he sure liked it! Here he is after smashing into it. It took some coaching, but Grandma finally got him into it. Here is the link to the recipe, cake recipe And it actually tasted pretty good! It was a lot easier then I thought. But then the icing stage came… 😁

He was so proud of himself that day. I think he knew that everyone was there for him and he was on his best behaviour. Sometimes he can be a little clingy and not interested in new people but he was the life of the party, that’s for sure 😃

I would highly recommend getting a ball pit for you little ones next party. It was a hit!

The ball pit was a hit with the kids. I would highly recommend picking one up for your little one’s next birthday. And it was only $24 from Toys R Us!


cupcakes from Pink Ribbon Bakery in New West. They were delish!

The cupcakes were from Pink Ribbon Bakery, here in New Westminster. They were so incredible! Click here to order 🙂 pink ribbon bakery

By the end of the day he was exhausted. I thought for sure he was going to fall asleep in his cake! What a day to remember. I am so happy we have all of these pictures to share with him one day. Thank you to everyone who made this day so special. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends to celebrate with.


They sure did.

xo Erin

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