Current Obsession: Linen

I am currently obsessed with linen. I just love how it adds an earthy texture to space or outfit. I love the feel of it. I also love the fact that it is a natural fibre! And the way it hangs, I love the way it hangs!! It does so beautifully on everyone and everything. Throw a linen throw at the foot of your bed, instant texture and interest. Throw a linen scarf around your neck and the same thing is achieved. It has the perfect balance of comfort, style and cool. It is relaxed yet refined. A great way to add linen to your home is through your window coverings. The fibres let just the right amount of light through while providing privacy. I also love linen bedding. I know what you may be thinking “linen is scratchy, I can’t imagine sleeping in it!” You’ve just not found the right linen my friend! So where can you find this perfect linen bedding? The king of linen, Restoration Hardware of course! Give their Stone Washed Belgian Linen a try and I promise you will be singing a different tune. And you will never have to make your bed again, isn’t that awesome!? That’s the beauty of linen, it still looks great all balled up and slept in. Is it bedtime yet? Check out a few inspiration pics of linen being used in both interiors and fashion below. I love it when fashion translates into interiors!








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