Bring the Indoors Out

It is that time of year again, patio season ☀️ 🍻 ! The last few days here in Vancouver sure have felt like summer and I love when the weather get’s like this and we get to spend the majority of our day outdoors. That is why creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor living space is a must. One equipped with comfy seating, countless pillows, strings of lights, a fire pit and the smell of roasting marshmallows. Glamping anyone ⛺️? Whether you have a small apartment patio or a huge lush backyard there are many ways to create that perfect outdoor space for entertainig and relaxing. The key is thinking about “bringing the indoors out”. It wasn’t too long ago when we talked about bringing the outdoors in, so now do it in reverse! Think of the pieces you would need to outfit your living room. You basically need the same pieces, just ones with a little more durability. Luckily, there are so many beautiful outdoor fabrics and rugs now that you aren’t stuck with just one boring uncomfortable choice. The possibilities are really endless. Don’t forget to add some greenery, it is an outdoor space after all. Check out some of my outdoor space inspiration below. For more head on over to my pinterest board here —> bring the indoors out

Small patio? Here are some creative ways to maximize the outdoor space you have.

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