Get the Look: Beach inspired

Have you ever been so inspired by an art piece, photograph or sculpture and thought ‘I need that in my space now’? I love being so inspired by something that it becomes the concept for a project. I base my design solely on the art. I pull the colours and recreate the piece using furniture and accessories. The end result is always breathtaking.

When I saw this beautiful photograph on Gray Malin’s instagram I instantly fell in love. The colours are so calming and remind me of relaxing beach walks in Maui. (PS. If you aren’t following his instagram you better do that now. Gray Malin . his posts are serious eye candy!) Anyways, after seeing this beauty I just had to recreate the palette in a space. Starting with a neutral base palette can sometimes make a space fall flat, and get a case of the blah’s, without variation in materials. So I made sure to have plenty of material variety. From the smooth sofa upholstery, to the jute chandleier, to the wood stump side table. Adding in a dusty rose rug and a pink throw pillow allows for that mid tone. And then accenting with that beautiful aqua blue colour of the sea was an easy choice and adds that pop of saturation needed. How about that pink flamingo lamp?!


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