Entry Styling: Adding Texture


The entry is sometimes a forgotten space in our homes. But, it is one of the most important, in my opinion, as it is the first space our guests see. The first impression they will get of your entire space. I am always talking about adding texture and layering our space, the entry is an easy place to start. You want to layer the space. You want to start with a strong base that will ground everything. You can use a long bench, a stool, or chair. From there you can add some hooks to hang your hats, scarfs, shopping bags and sweaters. I generally hide away the bulky coats and rain boots. Think of it more as a display of your favorite pieces. I love the look of adding straw hats and totes. It gives an easy, laid-back feel. Stray bags and baskets are also great “catch all’s” as you walk in to drop your mail and keys. I am also always a fan of adding greenery where ever I can so adding in some potted succulents, plants or ferns are great options. Then, layering in some photographs or a few lovely prints, that make you happy, will help you feel grounded and welcomed as soon as you walk in the door.

: ) Some more inspiration for you:

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Get the look!

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basket // addi straw hat // straw tote // faye hat









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