eDesign: Theme vs. Concept

For this recent edesign project I decided to go with a modern nautical ‘theme’ for the concept. Sometimes themes can be taken a little too literal, think something over-the-top-Vegas-style. There can be too much going on that you just never feel comfortable. It is a much better approach to use your theme as the inspiration for your space and pull details from it instead of replicating it. When going with a nautical ‘theme’, rather than your space looking like a boat threw up in it instead, add nautical touches like; blue and white stripes, industrial lighting, rattan details, a few shipyard accessories and touches here and there. For this design I wanted a really subtle, modern, nautical concept. Something that will stand the test of time and not scream “I’m on a boat!”. Think rich navy blues, crisp whites, natural deep wood tones and brass details throughout. An oasis for anyone who stays here and a memorable stay at that. Who wouldn’t want to have a nap in that rattan hanging chair!? Count me in!

GUEST HOUSE interior inspiration


GUEST HOUSE moodboard


1/ pendant 2/ dining chair 3/ swing chair 4/ basket 5/ pillow 6/ print


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