My Personal Style

I was recently asked if I could describe my personal style in three words. At first I thought, “Oh that’s easy, it is totally… ” and then I drew a blank. What was my personal style? Was it mid-century, modern, rustic? I had no idea what to say! So I embarrassingly responded that I would have to get back to them, as obviously I had some personal thinking to do. When you spend your days planning other people’s spaces and working in the style’s that they are drawn to you can forget what truly inspires you in your own space.

So the next step was to brainstorm. I wrote down any descriptive word that came to me and was able to narrow it down to three styles: Scandinavian inspired, botanical and natural.

I am really happy with these three. I know they may change in a few years, or even months! But, at this exact moment, this is where I stand. The mix of the three creates, in my opinion, the perfectly balanced space. Scroll down to see my descriptions and mood boards for each.

Scandinavian Inspired: Think light, natural wood tones. A lot of white, grey and muted pastels with pops of greenery. Mid-century modern style furniture and industrial lighting. Layered textures, very raw and simple. Nothing too fussy, but also not too stark either. An organized mess I would call it.

Botanical: Think layers of plants and ferns throughout. Large olive or fig tree’s in beautifully hand weaved baskets. Potted succulents and string of pearls in modern macrame plant hangers. Perfectly placed small plants on shelfs and countertops that add just the right amount of colour. Greenery gives any space life, literally. Our bodies crave the outdoors and being in nature. It just makes sense to bring plants inside.

Natural: Last but not least, I love the look of layered natural materials. Think natural lightly stained wood. Bamboo light fixtures. Grasscloth wallpaper and raw linen bedding.  That perfect balance of hard and soft; marble counters with a wood chopping block layered with a linen dishcloth. Or polished concrete layered with a sisal rug and wool sheepskin. Doesn’t that all sound so dreamy? Those colours that naturally occur in nature; Blues, greens, greys. Again, that craving for being outdoors brought in through the natural textures from our surroundings.

Yup, I could live there.

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