Erin Michelle Design is a full service interior design and styling company based out of New Westminster. Founded by Erin Semancik, Erin Michelle Design works and collaborates with local builders, trades and other industry professionals to bring together spaces that aren’t just beautiful but functional too.

“One of my favourite elements of the design process is curating the special pieces that make your house truly your home. I strive to create a space the reflects each client individually, so I take the time to truly get to know you. I believe that not only should our interior environments be visually beautiful but they should be a complete reflection of ourselves, our memories and our interests.”



Erin Semancik
founder/principal designer

“It is our job, as the designer, to make your life easier. Living should come naturally in the space you spend most of your time”.

Erin is a stylist and designer with a strong commitment to creating the “perfectly imperfect” home. She believes perfection is boring, and that it is all about layering and curating our found objects, collections and vintage pieces. It is in these layers and details where our personalities lie and come through in our spaces.

“A home is not just a space to be looked at, it is meant to be lived in and a true reflection of who we are”.

Erin was impacted by design from a very young age and always knew she wanted a career that centred in the field. She has taken what she has learned through her education, travels and experiences and has created Erin Michelle Design. She is a colourful and hardworking individual with a drive to create superior design that reflects each of her clients individuality.